Our Values

Our Mission

Professionals educating, equipping, serving and supporting Professionals to build significant and sustained impact and legacies.

Our Vision

To be the premier impact partners for communities, professions, organizations, teams and individuals to discover and develop their potential.

Our Values

Our Core Values are critical foundation elements of our culture and organization. We refer to our culture as the “DNA” we are building “by design” for an organization “ built to last.” These Core Values represent what we believe, and the way we act and inspire in order to build and strengthen our culture and deliver on our Mission and Vision.

These Core Values are summarized in the acronym IMPACT outlined below:

Inspiring—Unwavering Expectations of Excellence WITH Servant Heart Professionals and Integrity

Mastering—Disciplined Processes and Best Practice Recognition

Practicing—Dynamic Communication and Stewardship of Time and Resources

Achieving– Aligned and Focused Goals and Collaborative Teaming

Creating– Strong Relationships/Partnerships and Innovative Concepts with Creative Technologies

Transforming— through Developing Team Members and Continuous Improvement—always.