Our Communities

A Company Built Upon Strong Ideals and Passion

HUMANeX Ventures® was founded after extensive discussion with outstanding business and community leaders in Kalamazoo, Michigan. These progressive leaders saw the need for a partnership-oriented and community-centered consulting, research, assessment and training organization with proven expertise in leadership, organizational development, talent selection and strategic human resources practices.

Central to the more advanced model was a “next level” approach focused on the broad needs within a community. This approach is based primarily on the appetites of top leaders for modeling and multiplying excellence in their organization and across the community, with the ultimate objective of building “talent-driven communities with excellence.”

As a result, HUMANeX Ventures® fulfilled their desire to model and multiply excellence in their organizations and across the community. To do this, we have developed a unique, “integrated” approach to address a wide variety of needs, regardless of industry, profession or size. Our areas of focus include:

  • Organizational strategy, with expertise in culture and team development with progressive practices.
  • Expert assessment based on the most critical elements of predicting top performance—selecting talent– “one more like your best”.
  • Leadership and management coaching to support those building great cultures.
  • Training and development to maximize the knowledge, skill and capabilities of all.
  • Collaborative research to create “best and next level instruments, processes and practices.”
  • Product and service development for creating high-quality, integrated processes.
  • Technology to accelerate critical processes, deliver quality intelligence and scale impact.
  • Service delivery with great partners, top service professionals and great teams.