Our Story

HUMANeX Ventures® is an organization with a clear mission and passion for discovering and developing the talents of individuals, educating and equipping leaders and managers to coach, and engaging and developing individuals to their potential. Through this philosophy, we focus on building critical processes and practices to multiply significant and sustainable impact and levels of excellence. We believe organizations have tremendous potential to significantly strengthen the communities in which they are located when they create significant impact, value and growth. For this reason, we guide and support organizations—across industry and professions—in the development of their talent, culture and potential.

We build relationships with client partners to strategically select, position and develop people in the right roles in order to maximize potential. This is achieved by providing research-based, proven tools and processes, as well as one-on-one support. Our progressive and proven approach to consulting and research has raised the bar in this industry as we continually seek new and innovative ways to guide and equip our client partners. Our commitment to generating excellence propels organizations and entire communities towards achieving world-class success.

Our team and impact have continued to expand with offices in Kalamazoo, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska; as well as professionals throughout the country to support client partners across the nation and internationally.