What the Best Athletes Do Differently

The difference maker is the will to prepare! This includes the commitment, the effort, and the perseverance to endure the pain of intense preparation day after day. Even when teams have phenomenal physical talent, only when these non-physical talents are in place can coaches and athletes expect to consistently have successful outcomes.

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For My Love of the Game

In the world of athletics, it is not a difficult task to recognize physical talent. In fact, it is downright easy.

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The Mystery of GRIT in Sports

Look up the word GRIT in the dictionary and you will find the following: courage and resolve; a strength of character. There is no better examples of moments in time where grit was evident than in the world of athletic competition.

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Building the “Bench” in the Corporate World

How often do you see businesses, perhaps even your own organization, simply find as quickly as possible the person who appears to have the best resume or the candidate who has the most experience…

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Being a ‘Clutch’ Player

Being known as a ‘clutch’ player is one of the most desired reputations in all of sports. The ‘money man’ that is relied upon by coaches, teammates and fans to come through when the game is on the line.

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The Perfect Recipe for a College Coach

Ask any coach how they select the right student-athletes for their program and you may end up hearing them go through their recipe book.

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