Culture & Multiplication Based Tools

The most talented, top performers continue to perform at their highest level when they have a great culture to thrive in. A satisfied, engaged workforce ultimately results in better outcomes for students. Our gold arc tools and processes support our client-partner schools in their quest to create workplace environments which are critical to long-term success. Click on the tools below to learn more about ways to multiply the excellence of your organization.

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Our INSIGHTeX & TEAMeX Culture Assessments are scientifically-validated workplace survey instruments which equip organizations with knowledge and understanding of their organizational culture. By integrating research, the expertise of “practitioner scientists” and technology solutions, we provide the added value of continuous “pulse” surveys, customized reports, longitudinal comparisons, causal analysis and professional interpretation. Results are delivered through feedback and action planning sessions to drive continuous impact and culture excellence.

Student Engagement Survey

Our student engagement survey enables districts to collect students’ feedback on the quality of instruction, engagement, and learning impact they experience through their education. Founded upon research and proven strategies for success, this tool provides school leadership with customized reports and valuable information that is built upon through collaborative feedback and action planning sessions.


A benchmark study enables client-partners to discover and learn about the top talents essential for success in their organization. School leaders select their ‘top’ performers in a particular area (teaching, special education, etc.), and individuals are invited to participate in an interview to help better identify what makes them successful.   The participating organization will receive composite results and information in order to ‘benchmark’ and evaluate future candidates.