Growth/Development Based Tools

One thing we know about top performers is that they all long for growth and development. Our green arc tools equip school leaders with research-based strategies and training in order to develop the ultimate potential of each member of their staff. Click on the links below to learn more about these critical growth tools.

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Impact & Legacy Academy

The Impact & Legacy AcademySMtraining supports client partners within the framework of our compre­hensive and integrated design in order to drive: 1) Talent Excellence, 2) Culture Excellence, 3) Customer Advocacy, and 4) Sustained Excellence—in sum, the “Excellence Journey.” Our Academies focus on organizational talent, culture, teams, growth and sustained excellence.

Walkthrough Feedback Tools

The Two-Minute Walkthrough Tool assists principals in making classroom observations in a consistent manner, which can be collected to produce a holistic picture of teacher performance and student engagement over an entire school year. This tool opens lines of communication between principals and teachers and focuses on increasing student engagement using effective teaching strategies.

360 Engagement Tools

A school district’s success is dependent on many factors, most notably student learning and engagement. We offer a student engagement survey for administrators to measure their students’ engagement in the education and learning process. Our integrated solution provides electronic data collection, customized reports and regression analyses to support school leaders in creating opportunities to maximize student involvement.

Performance Evaluation Suite

The Performance Evaluation Suite enables supervisors to conduct performance appraisals and progress reviews with frontline employees. This tool tracks performance over time and facilitates discussions between employees and supervisors.

Foundational Five- Brain & Learning Series

The Foundational Five Series, created and facilitated by international assessment expert Dr. Dennison Bhola, provides world-class professional development opportunities for your entire teaching staff. From understanding how the brain learns to how to write better assessments, this series of one-day workshops gives teachers the tools they need to maximize learning in their classrooms.

IMPACTeX Navigator

The IMPACTeX Navigator is a career guidance assessment that enables you to discover intrinsically satisfying career choices. This tool serves as a “mirror” which identifies your personality and work values, as well as a “map” guiding you toward careers that align with your interests and achievements. We initiate this self-discovery process with individuals, K-12 school counselors and collegiate career guidance centers, helping to maximize everyone’s potential.