Selection Based Tools

Our wide variety of scientific, research-based instruments offers the support you need to identify and select one more like your best. From online screeners to structured interviews, our tools provide an efficient and effective approach to selecting the highest performing personnel for your schools.

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Online Screening Tools

Our online screeners, or StyleProfile Builders™, offer the first step in “screening-in” those applicants who can identify the talents needed to be successful in their roles. Comprised of timed, multiple-choice questions, these assessments provide a graphical analysis of each candidate’s talent profile, helping you quickly determine which applicants will move to the next step of your selection process.

Structured Interview Tools

Our structured interviews allow you to differentiate the great candidates from the rest of your applicant pool. These interviews, comprised of open-ended questions, require candidates to demonstrate that they possess the talents necessary to excel in their roles. By the end of each interview, you will develop a deeper understanding of the talent-profile of your candidate.To view or sign up for our current selection certifications/workshops please click here.

Cultural Fit Factors

Sometimes even excellent teachers do not “fit” the culture of their building or school district. To support your district with this crucial stage of the selection process, HUMANeX has created a bank of supplemental interview questions based on Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching—the first collection of its kind.


The ITS system is a customizable, integrated, online applicant tracking system with interview scoring, archiving, and analysis capabilities. This versatile system allows users to search and sort their applicants, view StyleProfile screener results, and schedule and conduct structured interviews. In addition, the ITS system provides a unique process for collecting valuable research data to study individual, team, organization, community, and industry metrics and trends.