The Blue Arc-Talent Excellence: “Select one more like your best”

The Blue Arc represents talent excellence, a foundational practice for selecting individuals into an organization and a specific position. Talent excellence is the ideal model for sourcing, screening and “selecting vs. hiring” top talent and evaluating fit for the role. Long-established research has proven talent is the single greatest predictor of performance and success in any and all roles.

We define talent as the recurring and natural pattern of consistent thoughts, feelings and behaviors, or something we are naturally “wired” to do. It is innate, not taught, but can be discovered and developed. Our “evidence-based selection” assessments include a multitude of online screeners and structured, in-depth, expert selection and development interviews, ranging from frontline support to executive leadership positions, across virtually all industries and professions.

Once talent is identified, we help organizations strategically place individuals into positions that complement their strengths, passions and interests. A commitment to master these practices clearly sets an organization apart with levels of capability unusual to experience in the broader world, but consistent with top-performing organizations over time.