SportsBoard and HUMANeX Ventures Partner on Revolutionary Athletic Assessment Offering

SportsBoard and HUMANeX Ventures are collaborating to offer coaches a revolutionary solution for evaluating their athletes on both physical and non-physical talents. By integrating both solutions, coaches can view results from HUMANeX’s patented Select7 and Talent10 assessments side-by-side with physical objective and subjective assessments captured using SportsBoard, bringing efficiency and analytical capabilities never before available.

HUMANeX understands that true athletic talent goes beyond physical talent; that traits like desire, the will to win, leadership and mental toughness are essential ingredients. HUMANeX has studied the best of the best to identify the non-physical talents of players who have set themselves apart and has developed testing protocols to determine to what extent athletes possess those traits. Together, SportsBoard and HUMANeX are committed to giving coaches the tools to recognize the best physical and non-physical talents of athletes and develop players to reach their true potential.

“As far as we know, SportsBoard and HUMANeX are the first companies to EVER offer this kind of sophisticated solution where coaches can view and analyze a 2×2 matrix of physical/non-physical and subjective/objective data,” said Gregg Jacobs, SportsBoard’s founder and CEO. “This powerful combination of data is a total game-changer, enabling coaches to identify a player’s true talent.”

“Providing coaches and student-athletes the science to understand a critical ‘intangible’ that has never been measured at this depth or breadth before allows for unleashing the potential in every program we work with,” states Brad Black, President and CEO, HUMANeX Ventures. “It is our opportunity to make sure each student-athlete is maximizing their development as a young adult, champion, and leader within athletics through an invaluable means to do so.”

“HUMANeX provides the rigor, science, and support to not only be your ‘leadership umpire’ but to be a game changer with talent, development, team chemistry, and truly realizing potential—on the field and in life.”—Sue Enquist, 11-Time National Championship Coach, UCLA

The companies are starting this dynamic partnership with HUMANeX’s Select7 assessment for student athletes and will evolve the integration to include the Talent10 assessment for coaches and future research-based developments, tools, processes, and integrated technology solutions.  With many common clients already in the PAC 12, Big Ten, Ivy League, SEC, and more, launching this integrated solution will be imminent, and the results promise to be very revealing.  Stay tuned with both companies on their Twitter accounts, @sportsboard and @HUMANeX.


SportsBoard now streamlines player assessment processes for nearly 350 NCAA programs, IMG Academy, US Women’s Soccer, First Tee Golf, Premier Girls Fastpitch, Triple Crown Sports and USA Archery. Iconic collegiate coaching staffs include UCLA, Stanford, North Carolina, Florida, Duke, Memphis, Kentucky, Michigan, Cal, Georgetown, Harvard, Yale and many more, with over 80 national championships to their credit. All of these customers, and more, are using SportsBoard to gain a competitive advantage in recruiting, season, camps, and strength & conditioning.For more information about SportsBoard, visit


HUMANeX Ventures is a talent-driven organization with deep roots in research-based expertise over almost four decades in education, business and community development. Their unique research and approach supports organizations’ path towards sustained excellence. Their ATHLETeX division is designed to help student-athletes, coaches and athletic directors reach their fullest individual and program potential. They achieve this through tools that are designed to understand the innate, non-physical talents of student-athletes and providing feedback to each athlete and their coaches while developing team chemistry as a whole. HUMANeX also provides very specific, rigorous growth and development assessments and plans to guide student-athletes on their unique journey in realizing their potential for lifelong impact. To learn more about HUMANeX, visit