IMPACTeX Navigator

Career, Role, and Purpose Assessment

Gain guidance and direction for your professional and personal life.

A Mirror and a Map

IMPACTeX Navigator is a career, role, and purpose assessment that is designed to be both a "mirror and a map" to help you discover an intrinsically satisfying career, role, educational, and life choices and better realize your potential. Using a "mirror and a map" helps affirm your best fit for a career based on who you are and what career paths make sense for you.

  • The Personality and Values profiles mirror your talents and your work values.

  • The Interest and Achievement profiles help to map out personally appealing places to explore in the world of work.

Work satisfaction and self satisfaction are tremendous assets in life. Rather than wander and wait, the IMPACTeX Navigator assessment provides a chance to align who you are with what you do.

Participating in IMPACTeX Navigator initiates a self-discovery process to identify your talents, values, and preferences - in order to learn them, live them, and love them, so that when you look in the mirror, your passion for life will be with you always.