• Lesson 9

    Great Teams Adjust Quickly To Leadership Changes And Transitions

    -The most successful teams endure change and keep the established culture intact.

    -Gain insight in how to prevent stoppages in productivity when mergers, acquisitions, promotions, demotions, or other leadership transitions occur

  • Lesson 10

    Great Teams Adapt And Embrace Change

    -They understand what sowed winning results in the past might not guarantee future success.

    -Pick up tips on how the Great Team leaders identify necessary adjustments and quickly conform strategies to fit the changing landscape.

  • Lesson 11

    Great Teams Run Successful Huddles

    -Meetings, like huddles, are an important part of achieving Greatness.

    -Master the art of efficient and effective meetings that reduce confusion, heighten engagement, and spark high-performance.

  • Lesson 12

    Great Teams Improve Through Scouting

    -They scout internally and externally to gain a competitive advantage.

    -Learn how to find winning results by placing equal value on the study of competitors as well as introspective approaches like self-evaluation, internal trends, and performance reviews.