• Lesson 13

    Great Teams See Value Others Miss

    • They recognize the opportunity in thinking outside the box.
    • Identify new channels of success through an emphasis on innovative interpretations of quantitative data, metrics, and hidden gems.
  • Lesson 14

    Great Teams Win In Critical Situations

    • They thrive and win in high pressure circumstances.
    • Unlock the ability to finish strong in high-stakes or stressful scenarios by learning how the Great Teams have consistently won the fourth quarter.
  • Lesson 15

    Great Teams Speak A Different Language

    • They speak success into existence.
    • Discover how to ask the right questions and promote effective communication on a high-performing, underachieving, seasoned or inexperienced team.
  • Lesson 16

    Great Teams Avoid The Pitfalls Of Success

    • They seek to sustain success by resisting complacency and other distractions.
    • Identify the common trappings of success and how the all-time Greats were able to defy human nature, sift temptation, and maintain high-performance.

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