• Lesson 5

    Great Teams Have a Roadmap

    -Its leaders build for the future with comprehensive plans.

    -Learn how to develop a well-designed training program that ensures team members are onboarded with the end goal in mind.

  • Lesson 6

    Great Teams Strive To Build Camaraderie

    -Its members develop a sense of responsibility through fellowship.

    -Discover how to infuse camaraderie throughout your team culture to promote a sense of collective direction.

  • Lesson 7

    Great Teams Manage Dysfunction, Friction And Strong Personalities

    - They sustain success by placing a high value on leadership.

    - Learn the common leadership styles and how to develop the type of management that best fits your team.

  • Lesson 8

    Great Teams Build A Mentoring Culture

    -They encourage a mentoring culture inspired by teaching and learning every day.

    -Find out how to create the ideal mentoring relationship structure through assigning specific roles and responsibilities for all members of the team.

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