Impact & Legacy Academy

HUMANeX Ventures® Impact & Legacy Academy is designed to provide education and practice for client partners driven to continuously improve the caliber of talent and culture within their organizations. The curriculum is structured around an integrated approach to building quality into a systematic process, one which we refer to as the Integrated Quality (IQ) Impact Journey. This Journey equips client partners with measurable processes, practices and tools to apply to their organizations, their teams and even their own personal growth and development. These practices provide valuable metrics which track continuous improvement in the development of human potential to achieve and sustain excellence. Sessions include individuals from a range of organizations and roles, each with a different level of understanding and exposure to talent and the IQ Impact Journey. This diverse mix of participants enriches the experience and makes each session truly unique. Attendees leave with a new understanding of the purpose and impact of talent-driven organizations, and how they can work together to build excellence within a community.

Level I: Talent

An introduction to the IQ Impact Journey: Select, Grow, Multiply. Attendees gain a basic understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the HUMANeX Ventures® integrated approach to creating and sustaining excellence in people, teams and culture.

 Level II: Culture

Tools and concepts introduced in Level I are taken from familiarity to understanding and application through group work assignments. Participants are focused on developing greater literacy and application of each key practice in the “Journey of Excellence.” The application exercises are focused on building exceptional cultures within organizations.

 Level III: Teams

A critical ‘eX-factor’ for maximizing Talent (Level I) and Culture (Level II) is building Teams (Level III). Through “next level” con­cepts, research, proven models and metrics, participants gain key takeaways that support the IQ Impact Journey. During Level III, we guide participants to identify key fundamentals essential to evolve groups into dream teams.

Level IV: Growth

A key to long-term success and achieving potential at an individual, team and organizational level is the commitment to ongoing growth and development. At this level, “discovery, impact and development” concepts, tools, lifelong learning and mastery processes are introduced, all of which continue to build on concepts and tools learned in Level I, II and III.

Level V: Sustained Excellence

The ultimate measure of impact is excellence sustained over time, built with the focus on quality growth and value creation. In order to achieve this, we build from a base of expert and empirically-based concepts, tools, processes and technology that integrates practices throughout the organization, with a “balanced scorecard” and value creation approach.