Selection Certifications/Workshops

Business Professional Certification

During this introductory training, participants will acquire insights regarding the qualities of the best frontline professionals and a basic understanding of the attitudes, values and behaviors of individuals striving for excellence. More specifically, participants will study the life themes of excellent employees and will be trained to analyze excellence through a series of interview questions. Participants who successfully complete this training will gain an in-depth understanding of the core qualities of excellent professionals.  Additionally, they will be able to utilize the HUMANeX Ventures® Structured Interview in the selection and development of prospective or current employees.

Education Professional Certification/Workshop

Our education certifications (otherwise known as ‘workshops’) are geared towards assisting school leaders in the selection and development of professionals. During certification training, participants acquire an in-depth understanding of the qualities associated with excellence in various roles, and instructions on how to administer our structured interviews. With this insight, school districts are able to confidently source and select exceptional teachers, principals, administrators and support staff.

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