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Let's get to work... together!

Here at Humanex, we do everything in Teams. Well actually we use the entire Office Suite, not just Teams. Within our non-traditional workplace, each teammate wears several 'hats.’ We are constantly collaborating, innovating, and changing to help serve our mission. If you enjoy a dynamic and exciting work environment that keeps you on your toes, this might be the right spot for you!

An organization that builds your role around YOU.

Sound interesting?

Here at Humanex you are applying for the organization, not simply a role. Each role is tailored to the individuals' unique set of interests and talents. To help navigate this journey, each team member is paired with two mentor coaches. We have a flatter organizational structure and since no two roles look the same, we love humans that are self-motivated, team oriented, and that have a growth mindset.


At Humanex we care about YOU and discovering your potential too! So whether you're working remote, hybrid, or in office let's make Humanex a culture you call home.

Our areas of work


Client Service

Create & refine disciplined processes to support & equip client partners

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Client Partner Development

Equip client partners with tools & resources to select, grow, & multiply excellence in their organization

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Interview Analysis

Collect, analyze, & provide feedback on research-based, talent-centered interviews



Create & design marketing material for internal and external use



Facilitate engaging sessions contributing to individuals' personal & professional growth & development



Collect & analyze data from surveys, literature reviews, focus groups, observational research, & job descriptions to transform client partner organizations



Design, develop, & maintain online tools to create innovative solutions for client partners; drive infrastructure stability & support organization's daily needs

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Student Intern

Student interns at Humanex Ventures are exposed to all areas of the company with opportunities to lead projects, collaborate with others across the organization, and engage in project-based learning. Student interns work together on a summer-long project to prepare and present results to senior leadership. 

Professional Work

Graduate Intern

Graduate interns have successfully completed their degree coursework. This full-time paid position provides an accelerated internship experience with the potential for a full-time professional opportunity. The role includes organization-wide collaboration to provide service and innovative client partner solutions. 

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Professional associates are individuals working in a full-time salaried position. They typically work in one or more of the focused areas within our organization and often bring some experience with them.

Hear from our team!

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"My graduate internship with Humanex Ventures provided me the smoothest transition from college graduate to the workplace in just a three month time frame. I was given the space to learn and grow, all while being challenged to fulfill duties/responsibilities that a full-time employee would be entrusted with. This experience is what properly equipped me to exceed at my now full-time Analyst, Training, and Product Development Specialist role at Humanex!”

Josie Knapp, Former Graduate Intern & Current Client Lead

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