Internship Opportunities

In the words of our CEO, “We don’t card,” meaning at any and all ages your talents and ideas are sought and valued—literally from the “teens to the eighties.” Be prepared to make an impact—working on numerous projects, visiting different HUMANeX Ventures® offices, and designing your own career path. Your role will extend far beyond observing; you will partner with company leaders and be directly involved with our clients as a part of “Team Talent”. Through all of this you will have the opportunity to make significant connections with the entire HUMANeX Ventures® team while further developing your talents.

Our Internship offers the opportunity to support our client partners by assisting with research projects, new product and technology developments, talent selection and culture building.  Healthcare, Education, Professional and Financial Services, Athletics, Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality, are just some of the industries and professions we serve. Internships are developed to provide opportunities aligned with your unique talents and interests encouraging continuous learning and personal development.

If you have been told that you have:

  • proven judgment for consistently doing the right thing at the right time
  • an inherent ability to identify excellence in personal and organizational performance
  • an innate ability to communicate clearly and connect to others easily
  • continuous and high performance expectations for yourself

and, if you:

  •  feel driven and engaged by opportunities to help or serve others
  • are you motivated to perform to high standards set by yourself or others
  •  thrive in a fast paced work environment
  • easily connect and communicate with others
  • are you the spark or catalyst for getting things accomplished
  • enjoy the challenge of solving a problem

… then we would enjoy discussing possible internship opportunities in:

  • Client Service
  • Research
  • ImpacteX Technology Solutions

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