Coach Selection

& Development

Our Focus

We build a foundation around the "ex factors" of excellence in athletics helping athletes, coaches, teams and departments/organizations

achieve their potential.

Our key support areas include:

  • Athlete Profiles & Consulting

  • Recruiting Support

  • Team Chemistry Assessment

  • Coach Selection & Development

  • Leadership Training

  • Learning Style Assessments

  • Career Guidance 

Athlete Development

Measure Talent

  • Completed online

  • Student-Athlete specific 

  • Identifies student-athlete strengths

  • Time: 15 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths

  • Top 7 strengths highlighted on "Select 7" for athletes


  • Graph reviews & breakdowns on each athlete for coaches

  • Team and/or individual athlete feedback on strengths and how to achieve potential


  • Continued consulting based on strengths for coaches & athletes

  • A "GPS" helping navigate athletes to achieve their potential

Recruiting Support

Measure Talent

  • Send recruits assessment

  • Completed online

  • Student-Athlete specific 

  • Identifies student-athlete strengths

  • Time: 15 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Graphical output on each recruit 

  • Breakdown on predictive strengths for recruit

  • Comparison data to enhance decision making

Feedback & Consulting

  • Supported feedback on results to impact best recruiting decision

  • Strategy sessions around choices and next steps

Team Chemistry

Measure Culture

  • Completed online

  • Anonymous & Confidential

  • Measures Team Culture

  • Offers insight into coach-athlete relationship dynamics

  • Time: 5 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Visual data and graphs 

  • Item-by-item breakdown of culture

  • Overall culture picture and data of current team culture status


  • In-person team feedback to provide results

  • Reflection and strategy session to set culture goals

  • Focus on driving elite culture and building common language


  • Report provided for staff breaking down culture

  • Continued support on best practices and action planning to drive culture

Coach Selection & Development

Measure Talent

  • Completed online

  • Athletic Coach specific 

  • Identifies top strengths in role

  • Time: 20 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths

  • Top 10 strengths highlighted on "Talent 10" for coaches


  • Developmental: Feedback one on one to help maximize potential

  • Selection: Graph results reviewed to assess if right for open position


  • Support for coaches to continue their growth and development

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