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What We Do

We invest in talent, culture, and teams to align individuals and leaders toward a common goal. Whether it's a focus on teachers, coaches, or well-respected companies, we help equip our partners to select, grow, and multiply talent.

How will we help you?

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Humanex Ventures works with our partners to help them architect excellence in talent, culture, and teams.
With a specialized focus in Education, Athletics, and Business & Community we work to ensure you select, grow and develop your people, and build an elite culture. 
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We assess individuals’ talents, organizational culture, and team chemistry and consult on the insights uncovered to set people and organizations up for current and future success. Through executive coaching we build supportive relationships with leaders who face complex challenges and need trusted partners and guides.

Partnering with leaders, teams, and organizations, we utilize assessments, trainings, consulting practices and more to put key best practice processes in place.  

Business Meeting
Who we work with


We'll support you in selecting the best teachers and leaders to create excellent culture within your buildings and districts.
We help to engage your students at a deeper level to truly promote learning and growth.

Business & Community

We'll help you to strategically select new talent and not hire with hope. Our tools will support you in growing and developing your staff, while putting a focus on building an amazing culture across your entire organization.


We help to impact athletics on a wide scale by putting our focus on enhancing recruiting accuracy, developing your current athletes, and building a strong culture. We can also help with the selection and growth of your coaching staff so that they reach their fullest potential.

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