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Our Focus

We have partnered with over 500 universities, colleges, and schools domestically and internationally for over four decades. We specialize an support our partners through:

  • Selection Assessments 

  • Developmental Assessments

  • Culture & Climate: Assessments & Consulting 

  • Student Engagement: Assessments & Consulting

  • Student Career Guidance: Assessments & Consulting

Staff Selection

Measure Talent

  • Role-specific online screeners

  • Role-specific structured interviews

  • Training & Certification on selection assessments 

  • Assess role-specific strengths to select for talent vs. hire

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths to compare candidates

  • Strength breakdown by role to make selection decisions


  • Expert support around selection decisions

  • Support from Humanex consultants throughout process

Staff Development

Measure Talent

  • Completed online

  • Role specific: (e.g. Teacher, Principal, etc.) 

  • Identifies specific top role strengths

  • Time: 15 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths

  • Top strengths highlighted on report for individual


  • Staff and/or individual feedback on strengths and how to achieve potential


  • Continued consulting based on strengths 

  • A "GPS" helping navigate teachers, principals, etc. to achieve their potential

Culture & Climate

Measure Culture

  • Completed online

  • District Level, Building Level, and/or Team Level focus

  • Time: 10 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Visual data and graphs 

  • Item by item breakdown of culture

  • Overall culture picture and data of current team


  • In-person feedback to provide results

  • Reflection and strategy session to set culture goals

  • Focus put on driving elite culture and building common language


  • Report provided for staff breaking down culture

  • Continued support on best practices and action planning to drive culture

Student Engagement

Measure Engagment

  • Completed online by students

  • Elementary level and above

  • Identifies levels of student engagement based on Maslow's Hierarchy

  • Time: 20 - 30 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Visual report of engagement levels

  • Graphical summary and item-by-item breakdown 

Feedback & Consulting

  • Results shared and discussed with staff 

  • Action planning and goal setting focus

  • Continued support and strategy discussion around key areas needed to maintain or raise student engagement

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