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Business & Community
Our Focus

We partner with a wide variety of organizations from car dealerships, to banks, to nonprofits, helping them with selecting new members for their team with the right talents to succeed, growing and developing their current team members, and building an overall culture that thrives. Here are some ways we can help you: 

  • Selection Assessments 

  • Developmental Assessments 

  • Developmental Trainings for Staff & Leadership 

  • Culture & Climate Assessments & Consulting 

  • Succession Planning 

  • Staffing Reviews & Strategies 

Our Services

Select Vs. Hire

Measure Talent

  • Online screening by role

  • Structured talent-based interviews by role

  • Identify top predictive strengths for success in role

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths

  • Identify key strengths for role and areas of concern

Feedback & Consulting

  • Results provided with insight on next step action

  • Continued support during selection process 

Coaching Development

Measure Talent

  • Developmental assessments helping grow your employees

    • Role-based talent assessments

    • Mindset

Visual Results

  • Leadership Training

  • Master Coach Training

  • Foundation "Academy" Training: Talent, Culture, Teams

  • Personal Growth & Motivation 


  • Follow-up support on assessment results

  • Continued support after training sessions

  • Additional support and consulting on team, organization, or employee needs

Building Culture

Measure Talent

  • Completed online

  • Organization & Team Level focus

  • Time: 10 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Visual data and graphs 

  • Item-by-item breakdown of culture

  • Overall culture picture and data of current team culture status


  • In-person feedback to provide results

  • Reflection and strategy session to set culture goals

  • Focus on driving elite culture and building common language


  • Report provided for staff breaking down culture

  • Continued support on best practices and action planning to drive culture

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