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Humanex Ventures

Here at Humanex, we believe in
Architecting Excellence

We envision a day when all members of all communities work in organizations using their unique talents and living fulfilling lives. When leaders are committed to processes that select and develop employees based on their talents, integrate complementary talents within teams, and multiply a positive culture throughout their organizations, people’s lives and communities are transformed.

Achieve Your Potential
Talent | Culture | Teams

Who We Are

We are passionate people. We believe everyone has potential and deserves to work in roles, teams, and organizations that embrace them for who they are and enable them to flourish.
Our curious growth mindset compels us to study and contribute to the latest research about talents, organizational culture, and teamwork.
We love people, truly collaborative partnerships, and enjoy building client partnerships upon a shared belief in each person’s value and ability to contribute to the communities and world we live in.

Here's to Humans!

What We Do

Humanex Ventures helps leaders strategically develop individuals and teams at all levels to positively impact people and sustain their missions. We collaborate most often with executives, superintendents, human resource directors, athletic directors, managers, principals, and athletic coaches to navigate the people dynamics they encounter in their roles. 


Discover and develop people's potential.


Architect excellence in talent, culture, and teams to transform communities.


Heart & Partner.


Learn & Grow.

At Humanex Ventures®, we invest in all areas of a community to align individuals and leaders to work toward a common goal. Whether it is a focus on teachers, coaches, or well-respected companies, we help equip partners to

architect excellence in their communities. 

Our Key Community Focus Areas:


Business & Community


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100 W Michigan Ave #250

Kalamazoo, MI 49007

2900 S 70th St #100
Lincoln, NE 68506

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