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Our Focus

The Excellence Journey™ is our model to help you Select, Grow, and Multiply excellence. With a focus on selection, coaching, and building culture, the Excellence Journey™ guides you through processes to help you impact results as you strive to achieve your potential. 


Our key support areas include:

  • Staff Selection: Assessments & Screeners

  • Employee Training & Development

  • Onboarding Best Practices

  • Master Coach Training

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Culture Building: Assessments & Consulting 

  • Strategy Staff Reviews

The Excellence Journey™





Select vs. Hire

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Measure Talent

  • Online screening by role

  • Structured talent-based interviews by role

  • Identify top predictive strengths for success in role

Visual Results

  • Graphical output of strengths

  • Identify key strengths for role and areas of concern

Feedback & Consulting

  • Results provided with insight on next step action

  • Continued support during selection process 

Coach & Develop


  • Developmental assessments helping grow your employees

    • Role-based talent assessments

    • Mindset


  • Leadership Training

  • Master Coach Training

  • Foundation "Academy" Training: Talent, Culture, Teams

  • Personal Growth & Motivation 


  • Follow-up support on assessment results

  • Continued support after training sessions

  • Additional support and consulting on team, organization, or employee needs

Build Culture


Measure Culture

  • Completed online

  • Organization & Team Level focus

  • Time: 10 minutes on average

Visual Results

  • Visual data and graphs 

  • Item-by-item breakdown of culture

  • Overall culture picture and data of current team culture status


  • In-person feedback to provide results

  • Reflection and strategy session to set culture goals

  • Focus on driving elite culture and building common language


  • Report provided for staff breaking down culture

  • Continued support on best practices and action planning to drive culture

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